Different software creates PDFs slightly differently. Since we don’t all use the same programs, use these best practices to make a PDF Lulu xPress can easily use to print your book:

  • All interior PDFs should be single-page portrait orientated spreads. Multi-page spreads will NOT print correctly
  • Make sure all fonts are embedded
  • Ensure the document includes bleed, 0.125”, in its setup dimensions for correct trimming. The provided template will include bleed in the preset margins. Make sure your PDF does NOT include trim or bleed lines in your file.
  • Images should be rendered at 300dpi
  • Vector images should be rasterized
  • When in doubt, flatten the entire document.
  • To avoid artifacts or errors, use Adobe Distiller with Lulu’s Job Options to remove potential issues.

InDesign Note: If you are using InDesign to create your interior, be sure the export settings allow for bleed. Our templates include bleed in the preset document setup, and if you are creating your own file, the bleed should be set to 0.125” for all sides. Be sure to check the “Use Document Bleed Settings” in the “Marks and Bleeds” panel when exporting your High-Quality Print PDF.